Secret Soldier Vs. The Master Racer

In my animated project, (yet untitled) Flea Market Phil is an avid reader and collector of comics. So there’s a lot of discussion about the history and minutia of comics. That means I’m working on fictitious Golden Age comics. Heres my first one: The Secret Solder trying to catch the Master Racer, a super fast fascist, who was originally created to win the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the experiment went horribly wrong. The Master Racer was not permitted to represent the German team, because he talked too fast and too much.

A Few Good Men

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Here’s the first model sheets — yeah, I know these aren’t “traditional” model sheets. That must be a big shock, because I’ve always been soooo traditional. Yeah, right.

In studying model sheets over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that everybody has their own take on format. But calm down, I will make some more instructive model sheets in the near future. These are really to get across who the character is in lieu of putting together a “bible” for the project.

New Characters

I don’t like to talk about things that aren’t done or finalized, but I also like to keep posting. By that I mean that I’ve been doing a lot of drawing, but the blog doesn’t reflect that all the time. I’ve been working on an animated sitcom based party on my days in New Brunswick, NJ.


So here’s Ben, our hero, and Amy and Evie, the two abusive shop girls of the Liquor Palace.


Ben’s girlfriend Liz is fed up with his behavior.