Can A Sandwich Make Better Drawings?


I hit a wall sometime after the last post. I drew all morning, trying to get Mr. Tarantino’s likeness down. Enlisting different styles: simple, stylized, complex, illustrative, cartoonish, Hirshfeld, Drucker, etc. I was getting worse. A slight improvement, and then a huge slide backwards. Then I noticed my dog wanted to go out — it was noon. Might as well let her out and make a sandwich while downstairs. Although not truly hungry, I knew I would be soon enough. One sandwich later, this drawing appeared.

Tarantino explains in great detail everything he does and everything he loves. Here, in one of his patented gestures, he makes points one, two, and three.

Quentin Tarantino is My Hero

I love him because he’s maniacal. Tarantino exudes passion about film. He’s got so much to say in such a short amount of time. I recently saw him on Charlie Rose and he was infinitely entertaining. Then I saw him on Iconoclasts on Sundance Channel, and he was so animated as he explained in detail about his craft.
I saw him one night when I came out of the Archlight Theater in Hollywood, a few months before Kill Bill was released. I loved his films and wanted to go over and speak to him, but I soon realized he was wacked out of his mind on whatever. But there he was, railing against the studio system and anything else you’d want to hear from him. God love him!

Other Than Saurus

Dwight and Michael

So far, I’ve only posted Saurus work here — something I’m beginning to rethink. I’ve always compartmentalized everything I’ve created, never wanting to mix the edgier Crucial Comics with the mainstream licensed stuff. Even going as far as to work under a pseudonym. It’s high time I put it all under one roof (or blog). For my first non-Saurus posts, is sketch of Dwight and Michael from “The Office.” I’m working on a series of drawings that depict some of my favorite television characters and personalities. Jeesh — I feel like I’m in high school again. What’s next? My favorite bands? But I make no apologies, I enjoy doing character drawings. So let the drawings flow.

Gamerasaurus Final


All the credit for this one goes to The Mighty Dan Humphrey, our Senior Art Director, who not only wrote the definition, but came up with a great color combination as well. Maybe he was listening to the red, white and black clad band the White Stripes at the time for inspiration. All I know is I was really stumped on the colors for this one, and Dan stepped in and took charge. He’s also responsible for many of the definitions on the original Sauruses.

Giving In To My Inner Rockasaurus With The Kaiser Chiefs At Sirius Radio Studio


I Went to Sirius Satellite’s studio friday. I was invited to watch the Kaiser Chiefs one of my newer favorite bands from England. The boys did an interview and played live in the main stage area — an impressive glass-enclosed area to promote their upcoming new record “Yours Truly, Angry Mob.” They performed their 2005 UK hit “I Predict A Riot” as well as new songs “Ruby,” Everything Is Average Nowadays” and the cleverly titled “Love Is Not A Competition (But I’m Winning).” It was difficult to not clap after each song, since I was sitting right in there with the band. One of the best bands to come along in years — Brit Rock is alive and well! That’s me in the middle.


Here’s a sketch of a new Saurus. I’ve recently gotten into kayaking. I injured my hip last year, and have been unable to get up on a surfboard, so I needed another activity that involed getting out in the water. I’m amazed at how many people are kayaking — probably, because it’s relatively easy to get started. It doesn’t take years and years of practice to have an enjoyable experience. I live three blocks from the Navesink River, and less than a mile from the Shrewsbury River. Both empty into the Atlantic Ocean to the east. about three miles from my home. To west, the rivers are fed by tidal estuaries , which are habitats for herons and other amazing birds. I try to get out there several times a week in the warmer weather. So I guess that makes me a Kayakasaurus.