East Coast Comicon

I lost my voice. I was exhausted but everyone had a blast. I may actually be getting good at running comic cons. Stay tuned.

The comics talent was off the charts this year with Larry Lieber, Denny O’Neil, Mike Zeck, Geof Darrow, Yanick Paquette, Ken Lashley, Bill Wray, Kevin Altieri, Shannon Wheeler, Fabian Nicieza, James O’Barr, Don McGregor, John Higgins, Mike Grell, Dave Ryan, James Warhola, JM DeMatteis, Michel Golden, Ann Nocenti, Jim Salicrup, Danny Fingeroth, John Holmstrom and many more.

Don McGregor molests me as Holmstrom, Ryan, Higgins, and Wheeler yuk it up.
My family with the Robinson Family.

We also had great media guests including Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, and Dawn Wells, Danny Trejo, and  Ernie Hudson.