New Saurus Web Site Features Shopasaurus and Friends


Now I know how rock stars feel when fans insist they play their hits. I created Computasaurus, Shopasaurus, Partyasaurus, et al back in Feb. 1986, and some 23 years later I still get requests for Saurus shirts, coffee mugs, plush toys, etc., especially Dadasaurus.

I’m currently working on a completely different project, so to spend time on launching this new site, with our partners Digital Imagining Services of Spring Texas, really brings me back to the days when Saurus was the top selling T-shirt line in America. Many times I’ve tried to put Saurus in my past and move on to something grittier, something more challenging. But what I realize about the simple little Rockasaurus and Beachasaurus, is that they gave me the life and career I have today. I’m able to create what I want because they gave me the confidence and the freedom to go wherever my imagination takes me. Thanks Saurus.
You can find them at

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